Thermal insulation vs acoustic insulation: What’s the difference?

When we talk about insulation, there are two broad categories that serve distinct purposes – thermal insulation and acoustic insulation. Each has been designed to achieve a specific result, and choosing which solution is right for you depends on the space you want to insulate and why you want to insulate it.

In this short article, we’ll look at the two different types of insulation, comparing their performance and outlining their ideal uses.

Thermal insulation

As the name suggests, thermal insulation is to do with heat and cold. This type of insulation is designed to minimise the transfer of heat, keeping a space warm in cold weather and cool in warm weather. Usually, you’ll find this type of insulation in the roofs of houses, offices, warehouses and factories, but there are a few other ways to use thermal insulation.

Products such as Isotherm Thermal Insulation, Granric MBI and Granric Flexiwool Insulation are ideally suited for use in roofs and walls to maintain a comfortable temperature. Insulating your home or workspace with these solutions will drastically lower your energy costs, while ensuring that you meet all modern and updated building regulations.

However, roofs and walls aren’t the only avenues for heat to escape. Granric’s FRK Duct Insulation is a thermal insulation blanket for wrapping around air conditioning ducts to preserve the air’s temperature, while Isotherm’s Geyser Blankets can be wrapped around geysers and pipes to reduce household energy consumption.

Acoustic insulation

By contrast, acoustic insulation absorbs, blocks and/or treats sound, preventing noise from escaping or penetrating a room. Acoustic insulation is often found in industrial applications, preventing loud machinery noises from polluting surrounding areas. It is also used in instances where reduced sound levels are crucial.

Our Acoustisorb is a light, non-toxic sound absorption material, made from recycled polyester and offering excellent acoustic properties.

No matter what you need your insulation to do, Brits has the ideal solution. Click the links above to find out more about our insulation products and get the thermal and/or acoustic treatment your building needs today