Saving Water & The Environment with Innovative Nonwoven Solutions


At Brits Nonwoven, we strive for innovation in everything we do. Our aim is to find the ideal solution for all our clients, consistently meeting and exceeding expectations with unique, superior quality nonwovens. That’s why, when we were approached by Eco-Fiber to develop a new filter system for pools, we rose to the challenge and delivered the ideal nonwoven filter to incorporate into their pooling system.

The filter we developed reduces the need for backwashing, thus saving many thousand litres of water per pool  – a significant achievement in a country and world in which water is fast becoming a precious resource. The filters are made from 100% recycled PET, further saving the environment, and even saving energy by reducing the amount of power your pool pump requires.

Considering the purpose and application of this project, we decided that a thermo-bonded process would provide the best outcome. This involves the bonding of PET staple fibres with bi-component fibre to create a dense, homogenous fibrous matrix, ideal for filtration purposes. The filter material is cut into cubes, which allows for easy loading of the filter vessel. Each cube boasts an exceptional dirt holding capacity, giving you cleaner water for longer.

The filter lasts for around 3-4 years and can be reused up to 12 times. Cleaning the filters is easy; simply remove the dirty filters from the filter vessel and wash them in a bucket as you would a normal sponge. Pop them back in the vessel and you’re ready to go.

After working closely with the team at Eco-Fiber, they commended our fantastic level of service, applauding our dedication to going above and beyond in achieving their goals. To find out more about these innovative nonwoven filter solutions, visit

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