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Occupational Health and Safety
Occupational Health and Safety

Health & Safety

All of Brits Nonwoven operating units are covered by and fully comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (Act No. 85 of 1993). Regular audits and updates both internally and by external auditors are conducted on a regular basis, thereby maintaining the required high standard of conformance.

Particular emphasis is given to all elements of health and safety in the working environment where regular assessments of noise levels, dust levels and overall housekeeping take place.  Safety barriers on all production lines are mandatory.

Operational units are fully insured with regular risk assessments taking place by specialist risk management professionals. We also have safety steering committees consisting of elected members from amongst employees.

We are constantly reducing our risk profile through pro-active programs focused on improvement in all areas of our business.

Risk Management Policy

No operational or administrative process is of greater importance than the Health and Safety of employees and the preservation of the Group’s property and asses.

To achieve the above policy statement, management has set specific objectives, these being:

  1. The development of a Risk Management prevention programme to eliminate unsafe acts and conditions.
  2. The implementation of a Risk control programme to reduce loss-producing incidents thereby increasing productivity and efficiency.
  3. The establishment of a Fire Prevention programme to safeguard employees and assets.
  4. The establishment of a well-managed Security programme to safeguard employees and assets.
  5. The implementation of an effective Occupational Health programme to safeguard company employees against occupational disease and injuries, and to provide an HIV Aids prevention and support programme.
  6. The implementation of Training programmes and operational practices that will safeguard employees.

It is the right of all employees to work in a healthy and safe environment free of injuries. This however can only succeed with the active participation and co-operation from all.

Environmental policy

We recognise our impact on the environment and are therefore committed to upholding a stringent and exacting Environmental Management System, which stipulates the following environmental protection measures:

  • Prevention of pollution through waste minimisation, reduction in resource consumption and reduction in emissions,
  • Comply with relevant environmental legislation, regulations and industry code of practice that we subscribe to,
  • Establishment, achievement, maintenance and reviewing of objectives and targets for continual improvement of our environmental performance and our Environmental Management System (EMS),
  • Understanding and ownership of EMS by employees through appropriate environmental awareness training,
  • Making the Environmental Policy available to all interested parties including customers, suppliers, contractors, neighbours and general public.

Brits Nonwoven (Pty)Ltd is in the process of implementing the ISO 14000: 2015 environmental standard at all its facilities.

Occupational Health and Safety