Nonwoven textiles are everywhere you look

Nonwovens are a relatively new technology, revolutionising various industries and finding their way into a wide range of products. These versatile textiles are extremely durable and can be imbued with a wide variety of qualities, such as absorbency, liquid repellence, stretchability, softness, filtering and so much more.

In fact, some of the items you use every day are made from nonwoven fabrics. Did you know that these common items were enabled by nonwoven technology?


Of course, when you think of textiles, clothing comes to mind – but nonwovens are often used in apparel in a different way than you might expect. Nonwovens usually find their way into the linings of jackets for warmth and softness, or as shoulder pads. Nonwovens can also be manufactured to offer certain safety features, making them ideal for safety clothing and PPE.


From boot to engine, your car is full of nonwovens. From more traditional textiles like boot liners, seat fabrics and floor mats, to specialised nonwovens for air and oil filtration, nonwoven fibres are an integral part of your vehicle’s makeup.


This one is a bit more obvious, but many budget blankets are made from nonwovens. At Brits, we make ours from recycled fibres, and our blankets are used for furniture and goods transport, pet care, utility blankets and more. We also provide a comprehensive range of nonwoven materials for use as general quilt backers, available in a range of weights, thicknesses, stiffnesses and resilience.


With the ability to modify nonwovens to exact specifications, it’s no wonder that they are heavily utilised in processes such as filtration. For example: The filter that stops your air-conditioner from pulling dirt and dust from the air into its machinery? That’s all thanks to nonwoven technology.


Again, this might seem like an obvious use of nonwovens, but the benefits go beyond a cost-effective underfoot solution. Our nonwoven carpet underlays can be made with inherent qualities that boost the carpet’s performance, such as sound absorption and non-slip features.


Where would we be without a warm, comfortable bed to flop on at the end of a long day? Most modern mattresses use nonwoven-based products as components, offering comfort in a variety of densities and thicknesses, enabling the design and creation of a mattress that’s just right for you.


Last but definitely not least, the batting and wadding in your soft furniture is almost definitely made from nonwoven materials. These are also available in various weights, thicknesses and more to deliver the specific comfort qualities the manufacturer desires.

With so many of the products and items we use every day being made from nonwovens, you could probably reach out and touch one right now – if you aren’t doing so already.

Are you looking for high-quality nonwovens to use in your products? Browse our full range or get in touch to find out more and order yours today.