To encourage people to wear masks to slow the spread of COVID-19, Brits is supporting the #HeroesWearMasks initiative. This initiative was developed by the African Potential Foundation with the aim of distributing 18.5 million mask packs to the poorer communities of South Africa.

These mask packs will include 3 ready-to-wear reusable fabric face masks, allowing recipients to wear one, carry a spare, and wash one. All masks will be locally-produced, fully certified, and include a specially-designed filter that has been tested to ensure optimal protection.

To support this important cause, and to help protect everyone in South Africa from this virus, Brits Nonwoven is providing a number of D15™ DIY Mask Kits to the foundation at discount rates. These kits use the specially-designed D15™ Filter, providing a 90% blockout against disease-carrying particles that goes above and beyond the DTIC minimum guidelines of 75%.

These mask kits will be sewn and created into masks by sewing groups across Johannesburg, and the masks will be distributed by the Foundation.