Resinated Composites

Composite fibre blends such as glass fibre/Polyester/reclaimed cotton/wool shoddy using a powdered resin as a binder during thermo-bonding.

Weight capability: 400 – 2000 g/m².
Thicknesses: 10 – 70mm
Applications: Hood liners, boot liners, door panels, parcel trays, sound insulators

  • Low flammability according to FMVSS 302
  • Well bonded fibre structure
  • Very good acoustic properties due to the fine fibres used
  • Non-degradable and moisture-resistant
  • Fogging, emissions and odours below conventional limits
  • Dimensionally stable parts can be manufactured using purely thermal shaping process
  • Outstanding mechanical properties due to special fibre structure
  • Resistant to bacteria and fungi