Brits Nonwoven is a manufacturer of various nonwoven based products for the automotive trim industry.

Our green focus

With climate change being the most important issue facing humankind, fibres made from natural or recycled raw materials have become the preferred option. BAS manufactures products for the automotive industry using mainly natural post-consumer recycled plastic (PET) cool drink bottles recovered from landfill sites or natural fibres like Kenaf. General textile waste obtained from various textile converting operations such as apparel or upholstered furniture manufacturers also make up a large proportion of the raw materials consumed. The focus is not only on the recycled raw material employed, but also on the recyclability of the finished automotive part itself.

Brits Nonwoven committed to manufacturing superb quality products while simultaneously helping to reduce levels of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere as well as its carbon footprint.

Our facilities

Brits Nonwoven has an established national infrastructure. Our head office is situated in Pinetown, KwaZulu Natal and we have branches and agents in all the other major provinces. We also have factories in Johannesburg, Gauteng Province and Atlantis in the Western Cape.

Nonwoven material processes:

  • Thermo bonding (DBN/JHB/CT)
  • Chemical spray bonding (CT)
  • Needle punching (DBN)
  • Thermo / Chemical spray bonding combination (CT)
  • Thermo / Needle punch combination (CT/JHB/DBN)
  • Resin impregnation (DBN)
  • Part clicking (DBN)
  • Part moulding (DBN)

Technical Agreements

Brits Nonwoven is the licensee of F.Rothmund (ROWA) in Germany and manufactures a variety of nonwoven materials under the ROWA license for various South African OEM’s.